Cellphone Feng Shui

Do realize that we can’t live today without our cell phones. Imagine that you go to work today without your phone. What will occur? Many people will lose their minds. You struggle to focus at work. You begin to fret a lot. You might want to quickly return home, grab your phone, and check any missed calls or messages. Your cellphone is now inextricably linked to you. You need your phone to survive.

Your bed is the most significant element according to traditional Feng Shui. we typically sleep for eight hours each day. Meaning you spend a third of your life in bed. Therefore, if the Feng Shui in your bedroom is satisfactory there is nothing you need to do. You simply lay down on your bed each night to get some shut-eye. The beneficial energy of Feng Shui is replenishing and boosting you. This is a perfect scenario. If the Feng Shui in your bedroom is poor, though. It’ll be a catastrophe. Every night you go through pain. Every time you lie on your bed, unfortunate Feng Shui energy is always damaging you.

However, your cell phone is currently more powerful. It affects you all the time since we can’t live without it. So, if your mobile phone number has positive Feng Shui energy, it will always aid you. However, if your cell phone number has unfavorable Feng Shui energy, it will continue to harm your luck. Furthermore, your mobile number contains complex Feng Shui energy that effects your financial fortune, profession, family, health, love connection, friendship, and other elements of your life.

Sometimes no matter how hard you try or how many approaches you attempt, something in your life can always be better. You simply don’t know how to improve it. Because you’re missing the most basic but powerful tool in your arsenal: Numerical Feng Shui Energy from your cellphone. It affects you in a variety of ways. Some number combinations bring you good fortune, while others bring you terrible luck. Furthermore, cellphones are becoming more and more popular, especially in the 5G high-speed era, and many people can’t picture their life with their cellphone missing. Your Cell Phone’s Numerical Feng Shui Energy will undoubtedly have a huge impact on you.

Your date of birth, palm reading, or face reading are employed in traditional fortune telling. However, many areas of your life information, such as your financial wealth, job, family, health, romantic relationship, friendship, and reputation, can now be revealed simply by providing your mobile number. Check with Master Alex Zi for more details.


Numerical Feng Shui Class

Cellphone Feng Shui is just an iceberg of the whole Numerical Feng Shui system. This 20-module course will assist you in mastering Numerical Feng Shui Energy.

Course Curriculum

 Welcome Session

 Session 1:  Big Bang theory and Feng Shui. Wu Ji, Tai Ji & Huang Ji. Huang Ji Jing Shi. Zhi Nian Gua. Early Heaven Bagua. Later Heaven Bagua. He Tu Luo Shu. Introduction of Five Elements and their interrelated relationship, including Generating Interaction, Overcoming Interaction, Anti Generating Interaction, Deflated Overcoming Interaction & Anti Overcoming Interaction. Five elements correlated with directions, colors and number. 3 Period 9 Section. #8 In-charge Period. #9 In-charge Period.

 Session 2: Introduction of Cellphone Feng Shui and Numerical Feng Shui. Traditional Feng Shui in Numerical Way. Feng Shui Compass in Numerical Way. Regular Flying Star Vs Replacement Flying Star. Palm Tactic of Sky Ruler & Four Ancient Animals. 3 Dragon Yin Yang. 24 Mountain Yin Yang. Later Haven Bagua Flying Stars. Three Section Nine Period Flying Stars. Mountain Side Flying Stars. Water Side Flying Stars. Yearly Flying Stars. Details of Single Digit.  

 Session 3: Part 1 of Numerical Life Pattern

 Session 4: Part 2 of Numerical Life Pattern

 Session 5: Part 3 of Numerical Life Pattern

 Session 6: Assignment 1 of practicing Numerical Life Pattern

 Session 7: Q & A Session, either In-person or Zoom

 Session 8: Part 1 of Ultimate Numerical Life Pattern

 Session 9: Part 2 of Ultimate Numerical Life Pattern

 Session 10: Part 3 of Ultimate Numerical Life Pattern

 Session 11: Part 4 of Ultimate Numerical Life Pattern

 Session 12: Part 5 of Ultimate Numerical Life Pattern

 Session 13: Part 6 of Ultimate Numerical Life Pattern

 Session 14: Part 7 of Ultimate Numerical Life Pattern

 Session 15: Part 8 of Ultimate Numerical Life Pattern

 Session 16: Part 9 of Ultimate Numerical Life Pattern

 Session 17: Part 10 of Ultimate Numerical Life Pattern

 Session 18: Part 11 of Ultimate Numerical Life Pattern

 Session 19: Part 12 of Ultimate Numerical Life Pattern

 Session 20: Part 13 of Ultimate Numerical Life Pattern

 Session 21: Assignment 2 of practicing Ultimate Numerical Life Pattern

 Session 22: Q & A Session, either In-person or Zoom

 Session 23: Introduction of Numerical I-Ching

 Session 24: Auspicious Stars of Numerical I-Ching

 Session 25: Inauspicious Stars of Numerical I-Ching

 Session 26: Date of birth calculation of Numerical I-Ching

 Session 27: Bank account number calculation of Numerical I-Ching

 Session 28: Name Conversion of Numerical I-Ching

 Session 29: Car plate calculation of Numerical I-Ching

 Session 30: Numerical Strength Resolution & Interaction

 Session 31: Part 1 of Cellphone Feng Shui

 Session 32: Part 2 of Cellphone Feng Shui

 Session 33: Other application of Numerical Feng Shui

 Session 34: Assignment 3 of practicing Numerical Feng Shui system

 Session 35: Q & A Session, either In-person or Zoom

 Session 36: Wrap-Up

 Session 37: Feedback & Certificate Issue

 Session 38: Follow-up & Q & A Session, either In-person or Zoom

Session 39: Follow-through & Q & A Session, either In-person or Zoom

Before $3,900      Now $680