Ultimate Feng Shui Consultation – “QI MEN DUN JIA” & “Xie Zi Fa”

The general public may believe that “QI MEN DUN JIA,” along with “Da Liu Ren” and “Tai Yi Shen Shu,” is one of the ancient three styles of Chinese divination. However, “QI MEN DUN JIA” is far more powerful and complicated, and was originally devised to aid in the formation of military strategy and tactics.

“QI MEN DUN JIA” is an original three-dimensional strategic planning design for military victory. The sky level, the horizontal level, and the underground level are all part of the three-dimensional setup. When employed in a high-end Feng Shui setting, it is incredibly powerful and effective.

Bagua has Eight Trigrams, and “Xie Zi Fa” comes from there. Based on the initial Eight Trigrams, there are 64 different I Ching Hexagram combinations. And each hexagram has been further divided into six distinct pieces. As a consequence, 384 tiny sections have been created. A more complex combination than 360º is used in Ultimate Feng Shui setting. “Xie Zi Fa” is exactly making use of those 384 tiny sections.

Take a look at the pictures above to see how some of the data on the Chinese Feng Shui Compass differs from that on the 190º & 191º. So even a 1º variation can make a difference.

Let us use a simple example to demonstrate this knowledge. Imagine having to choose between South Facing 190º or South Facing 191º when building your own home. Even though everything is the same, the South Facing angle is somewhat different, resulting in significant variances.  “Xie Zi Fa” is using more complicated and complex strategy since 384 tiny sections (more than 360º tiny section) are employed.

The Ultimate Feng Shui Consultation makes a tremendous difference by combining these two outstanding metaphysics tools, “QI MEN DUN JIA” and “Xie Zi Fa.” It creates the most powerful and effective metaphysics tool. Your success is assured.