Feng Shui

There are four aspects to consider when conducting a general Feng Shui consultation.

(1) External factors
It is a comprehensive concept that takes into consideration the surrounding mountain, ocean, lake, river, swimming pool, overall community condition, road condition, neighborhood building condition, architectural and floor plan design, interior design, landscape design, and more.


(2) Qi
It is the energy flow. The QI is managed primarily through the use of 24 Mountains and Flying Stars during this session.

     (2A) 24 Mountains
     The South direction, for example, ranges from 157.6º to 202.5º. As a professional Feng Shui Master, I’ll question how far south you’re talking when you say your house is South Facing. Because the South is such a broad idea. We shall divide each direction into three little portions in order to calculate more precisely. South is divided into three sections: South 1, South 2, and South 3. Previously, the South direction was measured as being completely 45º wide. Now we’ll move on to South 1, which has a total 15º measurement. It is more accurate. Naturally, you can obtain a more comprehensive Feng Shui setting through the Ultimate Feng Shui Consultation, which includes additional information on each section. Please visit our website for the Ultimate Feng Shui Consultation – “QI MEN DUN JIA” & “Xie Zi Fa” for additional information.

      (2B) Flying Stars
      One of the most effective Feng Shui tools is the 9 Flying Stars. The combination of Flying Stars below will be considered together.
      • Later Heaven Bagua Flying Stars
      • 20 Years Period Flying Stars
     • Mountain Side Flying Stars
     • Water Side Flying Stars
     • Yearly Flying Stars

      (2C) “Shen Sha”
     Including yearly “Tai Sui”, “Sui Po” & “3 Killings”.

(3) Time & Date Selection
If you have an important task to complete, selecting the most appropriate time and day is critical. It is unfortunate that people are prone to overlooking such an important instrument. If you choose an unlucky time to move into your lovely new home, you may find yourself in an unexpected situation. There is a chance that something will go wrong if you schedule your new business’s grand opening at an inopportune time. In the event that you get married, have an operation, or go through a legal proceeding at an inauspicious time, who knows what kind of unexpected events may occur?

The importance of choosing the right time and date is vital since it will provide you with a bargaining chip for your success. But, more importantly, it must be compatible with your BaZi (your time and date of birth).

(4) Your BaZi
In Feng Shui, a house is good, yet it may not be suitable for everyone. Does that make sense? Of course. Because every person is unique, our BaZi (birth time and date) are also unique. As a result, your BaZi must be calculated and matched to your home. As a result, the Feng Shui setup could be successful. Certain modifications will have to be made if this is not the case.

Online Feng Shui Consultation
The office of Master Alex Zi is in Southern California. If you live close, you may arrange up a face-to-face meeting. Master Alex will visit your house or office to assist you in organizing your overall Feng Shui energy. If you don’t live nearby, you can purchase for a business class plane ticket and book a 5 star hotel executive room for Master.
We can also arrange an online appointment. You may meet Master Alex while lounging in your own house these days, thanks to Google Maps and Zoom.  Please supply a detailed address, as well as more high-definition videos and images of your home from various angles. Using modern technology, we will calculate all Feng Shui measurements, including Magnetic Declination.   


To schedule an appointment, please call (626) 822-8682.