Personal Consultation
Recognizing your life’s potential will undoubtedly aid you in accomplishing your objectives. The significance is widely recognized. To assist you in gaining complete access, we utilize the five components listed below to assist you in discovering your true self.

(1) BaZi Destiny Analysis
It is based on your birth time and date, which transformed into the associated Celestial Stems and Earthly Branches. This provides a clear picture of your innate potential, congenital strengths and weaknesses, and life patterns at various ages. Additionally, BaZi indicates your financial fortune, career path, health, family status, parents, marriage, children, friendship, and reputation. It enables you to gain a holistic understanding of your situation.


(2) Face Reading
Face Reading in the traditional sense is extremely informative. Not only does it depict your congenital status, but it also depicts your current situation and any unexpected circumstances that may arise. Face Reading enables you to gain a better understanding of your current situation.

(3) Palms Reading
Traditional palm reading is another excellent way to gain insight into yourself. It not only provides information about your congenital status, but also about your current circumstances and the possibility of a life-changing event. Additionally, it preserved the most authentic and unaltered data possible. Even though you might done a plastic operation on your face, on your palms you will never do. Palm Reading is extremely beneficial for gaining a better understanding of your current circumstances and potential changes.

(4) Cellphone Feng Shui
Are you aware that your cellphone number carries intricate Feng Shui energy that has an effect on your financial fortune, career, family, health, romantic relationship, friendship, and other facets of your life?
Once in a while, regardless of how hard you work or how many approaches you take, something in your life can always be boosted. You simply lack the knowledge necessary to improve it. Because you’re overlooking the most fundamental but most effective tool in your arsenal: numerical Feng Shui energy from your cellphone. It has a variety of effects on you. Certain combination of numbers bring you good fortune, while others bring you bad luck. Additionally, cellphones are growing in popularity, particularly in the 5G high-speed era, and many people cannot imagine their lives without them. The numerical Feng Shui energy of your cell phone will undoubtedly have a profound effect on you.
In traditional fortune telling, your date of birth, palm reading, or face reading are all used. However, many aspects of your life, such as financial wealth, employment, family, health, romantic relationship, friendship, and reputation, can now be revealed simply by providing your mobile number. Consult Master Alex for additional information.

(5) Divination
In this traditional I-Ching divination, ancient money coins and a turtle shell are used. It is a one-of-a-kind prediction system that is incredibly accurate. It significantly assists in filling in any gaps in your life forecast.

Annual Personal Assessment
It is a more detailed 12-month forecast of your life. Your financial fortune, career path, health, family status, parents, marriage, children, friendship, and reputation, among other factors, will be projected on a monthly basis. From January to December, there are separate forecasts. It enables you to gain a clearer picture of your current and future circumstances.