Feng Shui for Households


Environment Elements Balancing (EEB), also known as Feng Shui (Literal translation as Wind Water), is a branch of Chinese Metaphysics that focuses on physiognomy (the observation of appearances through formulas and calculations); its central belief is to balance the Five elements in all environments, including interior design and accessories, to ensure everything in it co-exist harmoniously. If done so, everyone living within will live smoothly in every aspect. It has been widely used in all constructions in the East, including houses, companies, temples, tombs, basically everything.

A house with ideal EEB is not easy; we have to consider the right location, orientation, and co-ordination with the surrounding environment. As in “Having a prosperous mountain behind, clear and soothing water in the front would result in a mutualism and brings the house a good fortune.”

The surrounding water or river is considered fortuitous if it is calm and peaceful, deep and clear, and with occasion back waves that brings a lively hint.

On the other hand, a mountain is not considered prosperous if it is too rocky, the shape being over exposed, and not much vegetation.

The interior design of the apartment also contributes much to the EEB. Not only the roads, doors and windows has to be considered, we have to take the birth time of everyone in the house into account and make certain interior arrangements to absorb fortuitous energy and expel bad fortune. Only by doing so can we make an integrated arrangement that could benefit every person in the house best.

Modern buildings are of more complicated shapes and structures, and yet, the impact of structure shapes and the current year vicious star towards of EEB is still significant.

Taking a multi-building housing estate as an example: the whole estate on its own has a general orientation; each building has its own orientation; and each unit inside a building has an directions, too. We have to take all the directions into account; furthermore, since the unit locates just at a certain grid of the whole estate, the magnitude of impacts from different construction and obstruction is therefore different for each unit. Thus, a more detailed and careful EEB planning is required.

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