Work and Career

 There is no doubt that we need to boost the power of the star of work (Wenchang) for our children so as to improve their performance in schools and entering prestigious colleges; on the other hand, if you hope to have a pay-raise, job promotion and good wealth, it is also important to boost the star of work.

Romantic Affairs

 Love is destiny. Yes, is may be, and it can be controlled. How can we boost our relationship star ASAP? How can we stay away from “harmful lovers”? How can we mend broken relationships? How can we…


 Marriage is a lifelong promise. How can we choose the best partner that benefits each other for the rest of our lives? How can we ensure the marriage is harmonious? How can we have a fulfilling family?

Choosing Dates

 There was a saying “The best fortune starts at the best timing”, at the right timing, everything works much more efficiently and effortless. Yet, choosing the right time involves much knowledge and is never an easy task. For big events like starting a business, signing contract, marriage, moving in, having construction at home, setting the bed, etc. it is of utmost importance to choose the right day and time.


 A Chinese saying has it that “We don’t fear fate; we fear the wrong name” A good name does not only sounds nice and comforting, it can help one to improve one’s luck, changes your meta-field and enjoys a good fortune.Therefore, a good name is needed for not only babies, but companies,and perhaps a new name for you to get a new life.

Cleromancy Divination

 Making use of clues from Chinese Bronze Coins and combining the events at the moment of casting, we could tell the development of a certain event, allowing you to have a firm grasp of your fate and foresee the future.

Numeral Decoding

 Making use of numbers, including telephone numbers, vehicle plate numbers, or the street numbers of your home and office, Master Alex could help you understand the good and bad of everything involved.

Disaster Solving

 With Master Alex Zi’s knowledge, you can resolve your difficulties, relieve your stress and get away the trough of your life; and step into the bright superhighway.

Enhancing Luck by Geographical Controls

 The mysterious Chinese spells was widely used by Kingdoms, even in wars, centuries ago. Sadly, the complete set of Faqimen (Magical Geographical Controls) knowledge has failed to pass on over the years of history. Yet, only with the residues of the knowledge, we can already help you find the best orientation you should follow and set up the best settings for your wants. Allowing you to solve the misfortunes, changing them to be good luck. Allowing you to make your wish come true, including promotion, wealth, career, schoolwork, relationship, marriage, health, children, etc.