RUNS – famous for utmost accuracy


Royal Ultimate Numerology System is an all-round system that could accurately calculate a person’s ups and downs through life, fortune and fate, and literally, everything.

The Grand Book – A Masterpiece of Art

The RUNS was written by and has been put into practice since the Sung Dynasty by Kangjie Shao, the Prime Grandmaster of Fortune Calculation. The proverb was delivered in a form of a poetry, in fact, a masterpiece of Chinese Literature. In every stanza, every line and even every word is hidden messages of fate, the reader has to pay attention to all possible details in the sentences to accurately comprehend the multi-level messages.

Small Details make the Big Difference

RUNS, as a mysterious yet astonishingly accurate fate prediction system, has been proud of its absolute accuracy, and have shocked most, if not all, audience. According to the RUNS’s Commandments, instead of considering a birth time to the hour like most fortune tellers do, a Master should take the birth time accurate to minute of a person into account; thus precisely calculate and predict one’s fortune, life expectancy, finance, career, health, family, wingman, relationship with parents siblings and children. This is one of the biggest advantage and features making RUNS accurate.


Master Zi Provides the following service with RUNS:

  1. Royal Ultima Numerology System: In-depth Decade Fortune Speculation
  2. Royal Ultima Numerology System: Detailed Lifelong Fortune Speculation
  3. Royal Ultima Numerology System: Current Year Fortune Speculation

The RUNS Literature Includes Prediction of the following areas:

Parents’ Zodiac Sign, Health and your relationship with them
Each Sibling’s health and life expectancy, your relationship with them and the help or benefits received from them.
Whether your marriage is everlasting, a harmonious family, your spouse’s Zodiac Sign, the best timing for getting a relationship, could your spouse assist you in life, etc.
How many children you would have, are they successful or filial, will they take care of you when you get old.
The zodiac sign of your best friends and life-tutor, how deep your relationship is and how much they could help you.
There are many “spies” in your life that would appear as your friend at first, and would cheat and harm you when you have trust in them, the RUNS could help you recognize them and allow you to take preventive measures in advance.
Your best-man could help you achieve higher in all aspects, RUNS could predict the surname, zodiac sign, and even nickname of him/her and when would they appear in your life.
Personalities, Hobbies and Interests can all be predicted
Whether you could be a boss, a top employee; or you could solely hold a company or find partnership; who will be your best business partners; which field will be best for you.
The up and downs of your financial situation in life; whether you have any luck from lucky draw or gambling; what type of investments best suits you, etc.
Which location is best for you; when or where should you migrate and the location of your best-man
Possible hidden health issues and when will it be a problem.
Do’s and Dont’s in your life.