Art Decoration

It is advisable to avoid using artwork that has angles, edges, or blades that are sharp, such as knives, swords, axes, or other weapons. Simple: this type of weapon emits a terrible and violent aura only by being displayed, which entirely goes against the feng shui ideal of harmony and wealth. It is also easy to injure oneself if accidentally touched. This is aggressive and has a similar effect as planting prickly plants like cactus and keels. Best to stay away from it.

You should pay close attention to the red decorations, especially the vibrant red ones, when displaying such artwork, particularly the areas where the #2 and #5 yearly flying stars are situated. The annual #2 flying star is located in the east for 2023, while the annual #5 flying star is in the north-west. The annual flying stars #2 and #5 are placed in the south-east and west, respectively, for the year 2024. #2 and #5 are both earth elements. Put the red ornaments—the ornaments representing the five fire elements—in their proper places. Earth and fire are generated together, which will promote wickedness on earth and result in needless casualties from catastrophic events. Additionally, red objects should not be displayed near the locations of the monthly “Three Killings”, yearly “Three Killings”, the annual “Tai Sui”. If not, bad luck will shortly strike.

On the other hand, putting red artwork in the area where the #8 and #9 yearly flying stars—whose five elements are fire and earth respectively—are located—can bring excellent financial prosperity. In 2023, the yearly flying star number eight will be in the south while flying star number nine will be in the north. For the year 2024, the yearly flying stars #8 and #9 are positioned in the north and south west, respectively.

Crystal or gemstone art decorations have a distinct Feng Shui magnetic field and are precise about their orientation. For instance, the five elements of amethyst, pink crystal, rhodochrosite, red coral, and other decorations all fall within the category of fire, and the appropriate safety measures are comparable to those for red decorations.

In order to prevent conflict among five elements, try to avoid placing the wood-related elements for vibrant decorations in the homes of the two black, five yellow, eight white, and other five elements that belong to earth flying stars. Instead, put them in the houses of the four green Wenchang stars or the one white greedy wolf star. However, it has a solidly empowering impact. The five-element restraint approach can be used to position gemstones and crystals of other colors. Do not place artwork that is related to wood in the yearly #2, #5, and #8 areas because they are all in the earth element and may cause conflict. Instead, it would be a good idea to display the wood-themed artwork on the annual #1 and #4.

Ceramic art supplies, which are an earth element, are excellent for placement in the yearly #6 and #8 area. Do not place those ceramic works of art in the yearly #2, #5, or #7 areas.

The size of the art show should also be kept to a minimum. Avoid fitting too big art pieces into tight spaces.

You must also pay attention to the type of religion. I periodically observed some acquaintances placing Buddha statues in their homes for worship when the author was assisting clients with Feng Shui surveys. Buddha statues are gorgeous and serious; as a sign of respect, they should be placed in a calm environment at home. Additionally, we occasionally engage in certain privacy-harming activities in the bedroom. At least we’ll do our laundry in the room. The Buddha statue being revered in the space will unavoidably result in undue shame and disrespect. more grave. It is advisable not to enshrine any religious statues, including Buddha statues, in the room.

If it’s older, perhaps even antique, be more cautious. A friend of the author had the good fortune to find an ancient piece of red jade in the early days and brought it home with great satisfaction. Disasters have continued to strike the family ever since, and it is safe to say that there will never be peace. The old jade that was discovered when he requested someone to identify it was interred with him, and the red lines that it had were more than likely caused by the corpse’s blood. Overall, the jade artwork exhibits a somber tone. The advantage was ultimately outweighed by the loss because the author’s buddy incurred significant costs to quell the storm. If you have old furniture or even antiques, you must make sure their provenance is pure and they don’t have an evil energy connected.

Everyone should pay attention to aesthetic embellishments that reflect the structure of animal bodies. Some families in the US and Canada create replicas of the deer heads and antlers they’ve harvested and hang them prominently within their houses. They insist that this must be retained and kept at home because it is their prey and a personal triumph. I’m sorry to disagree from a metaphysical standpoint. Everyone can consider how terrible the resentment is: a male deer that lived happily in the wild was unluckily hunted and killed by you, and then it was beheaded, converted into a specimen, and hung in your home. However, it just so happened to be in the hunter’s home where you were killed. Do you still wish him well? The author urges everyone to avoid going hunting in order to reduce the karma associated with killing; even if you are successful, avoid keeping your catch at home in order to avoid harboring hatred and causing mishaps.

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