“MOUNTIAN” & “WATER” are the two key concepts of feng shui. “MOUNTIAN” is in charge of governing the quality, quantity, and health conditions of people living in those region. Wealth is governed by “WATER” in this case. It should be classified as “MOUNTIAN” even if it is only an inch above the ground. It should be regarded as “WATER” if it is an inch or more below the surface of the earth. For more details above “MOUNTIAN”, you may refer to “Feng Shui Taboos of Artworks (1)”. The Feng Shui idea of “MOUNTIAN” should be used while hanging those artworks depicting tall skyscrapers and there are something you should avoid:

  • Sharp Corner Impact: Any other buildings’ sharp edges or corners that face your property will emit negative energy and have an adverse effect on your luck, especially your general health. You will be more affected if they point to your bed, couch, or home office because you will spend more time there.  
  • Blade Impact: The building’s exterior edge is facing you. This wall is like an extremely destructive sword blade. You will undoubtedly suffer as a result of that.
  • Sky Chop Impact: It is the space between two buildings; its appearance is similar to a huge invisible knife in the sky, slicing the building in half, and the bad energy keeps moving forward and harming you.

Please exercise caution when viewing paintings of cityscapes and structures.

Urban streets can be thought of as virtual water. For more details, please see the earlier article.

The paintings that are associated with the park’s concept can be seen of as “Ming Tang” that the good energy is stored. If the paintings themselves are lively and upbeat, it looks excellent to display them near the entrance to your home.

Avoid selecting lone, decaying, and gray-toned characters for artworks that are concerned with the sort of characters. A single person’s painting will seem a little bit lonesome, however a painting with two or more people makes it simpler to feel a joyous and harmonious atmosphere. In addition to character type, picking kids that are having a good time will result in a happy atmosphere. On the other hand, if the artwork depicts a group of isolated seniors, a decaying magnetic field will appear quickly. Another great option is paintings depicting contented couples, which can strengthen the bond between husband and wife.

Sun-themed artwork is an excellent option because it exudes vitality and good vibes. It is important to note that it is preferable for the sun to not be surrounded by ominous clouds. Alternatively, the artwork can depict a fresh meadow, a beach, or the ocean. A mature golden wheat field is more advantageous to individuals who were born under the signs of the ox, rat, horse, sheep, rooster, and pig and will help you further improve your luck. The secret to creativity is also in the hanging posture. For instance, someone else might view a portrait that resembles a sunrise as one of a sunset. Even if the sunset is romantic, dusk is just around the corner. It resembles the downtrodden, sunset industry in certain ways. As a result, the painting of a sunrise is preferable because it is vibrant and depicts an ascending atmosphere, but how should it be evaluated? Here, I can offer a straightforward procedure. If you work at night, or your business is related to night, like nightclub or bar, you can hang the painting of the sun in the west, which depicts the setting sun and the beginning of night. It simply satisfies your nighttime requirements and bring you more money fortune. On the other hand, if you are doing a regular job, you can hang the picture in the east, which symbolizes the sunrise and the start of a brand new day, full of optimism and vitality, and is very advantageous to your financial situation and professional success.

Animal-themed paintings are also a fantastic option, but be careful not to hang fearsome predators that are at the top of the food chain, such lions, tigers, cheetahs, jackals, grizzly bears, vultures, great white sharks, etc. They will bring a ferocious hunting attitude to the store and are quite aggressive, which significantly breaks the Feng Shui pattern of harmony and wealth. If there is a white tiger among the dangerous animals, you should stay away from it because it has something to do with the White Tiger Impact. In particular, if a white tiger portrait is placed in the west, it will enrage the white tiger and easily result in tragic accidents, financial losses, physical harm, and bad people. also additional problems. Other animal drawings that have exposed teeth or claws that appear to be emitting bad spirits are inappropriate.

The paintings of animals associated with the twelve zodiac signs should also be taken into consideration. It is simpler to master if you live by yourself. The subject might be based on your “Sanhe”, “Liuhe” or “Tianyi” noble zodiac. For instance, if you are a rabbit, choose artwork depicting “Sanhe” zodiac signs like Pig and Goat or artwork depicting “Liuhe”  zodiac signs like Dog, and try to steer clear of artwork depicting animals like Rooster, Rat, and Horse. It becomes more difficult if you have multiple family members. Although it might benefit your zodiac sign, it will be bad for other family members. It must be calculated precisely in order to prevent errors, and it should be avoided.

The popular Nine Carps and Carp Leaping Over the Dragon Gate, which not only encourage money fortune but also stabilize the Feng Shui Energy of the your home. However, it is important to arrange fish swimming patterns carefully. The fish should ideally swim toward your living room, dining room, or bedroom after hanging since this symbolizes a wealth of riches entering your property. Avoid letting the fish swim toward the bathroom, front door, or terrace because this could result in money losing and certainly hurt your financial fortune.

If you work in sales, you may want to select a painting of a peaceful, clear river with an arched bridge connecting the two sides. The meaning of this style of artwork is as follows: a peaceful, clear river symbolizes good fortune; as a person, you can conduct business in an amicable manner and link buyers and sellers to facilitate transactions.

Flowers are a good subject matter for paintings since they are vibrant and vivid. Fruit paintings are even better because they depict harvests. The main purpose of the painting is to spread happiness and encouraging words.

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